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David Cox, B.Ed, Grad Dip, MA

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Masters Degree in Animation & Interactive Multimedia (RMIT University, Melbourne


Grad Diploma (Honors), in Applied Film and TV, Swinburne University of Technology

School of Film and Television, Vic, (1990)

B.Ed, (Victoria College, Rusden, Victoria, 1984)


■ Curriculum Development

■ Motion Picture writing and directing

■ Sound Editing, Collage/Montage

■ Video Editing

■ Voice Acting

■ Public Speaking and consultation especially on topics related to emerging technologies and the future, media,

■ Motion pictures, video games, popular culture, media, public space, architecture and urban planning.

■ Production management, project oversight

■ Writing (newspaper columnist,, Otaku USA, author: Sign Wars: The Culture Jammers Strike Back! (nonfiction, LedaTape press) author Dr. Yes and the Mystery of the Mission novella, LedaTape press.

■ Software/Data etc –Python, Unix,  Adobe CS, 3D Studio Max, Unreal, Unity, HTML, CSS, Introductory JavaScript, Freemind, Audacity, Final Cut Pro, Garageband, MS Office, Shotcut, GIMP, Inkscape,


Teaching CS182: Game Production Workflow at City College of San Francisco  video-game production class using UNITY game engine

Teaching CS110A: Introduction to Programming (Python) at City College of San Francisco

Teaching DES227: Rethinking Digital Visual Media at San Francisco State University School of Design on Monday evenings – lecture class about the history and development of digital media.

Teaching Introduction to Programming at San Francisco Film School (155 Sansome Street)

2016 and 2015:

Taught DAI356 HIstory of Design and Technology and DAI227 Rethinking Digital Media at San Francisco State

University Design and Industry Department also DAI427 Digital Media 2, involving Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality,

Advanced Web Design

Taught Educational Video Production for Education Leadership Studies and Instructional Studies (ELSIT). San Francisco State University

Taught VMD180: Exploring Game Worlds, Visual Media Design, City College of San Francisco

Staged original mini-opera about Apollo Space Program (wrote libretto and all music) “Lunar Modules” at Other

Cinema at ATA Gallery, 992 Valencia Street on 17th October combining multi-screen projection with original opera

Published “Mise-en-Experience” article about virtual reality in Otherzine journal

Interview: Professor Steve Mann, about Augmented World Expo 2015 – audio file and article in


Taught at DeVry University Online: Games and Simulation Programming

Taught Game Design and Digital Media Innovation Precollege Program at CCA Oakland Campus.

Performed “Cosmonauts on the Moon” mini-opera at Other Cinema about Russian Space Program – combining multiscreen projection with original opera music.- see


Spoke at IGNITE 12/5, Brava Theater: Augmented Reality and Cinema: Towards a Language of AR

Published essay in INCITE Issue #4 INCITE Journal of Experimental Media, No. 4: Exhibition Guide

Building Community through Microcinema: Other Cinema and Me

Published essay in BAD SUBJECTS: Issue #85: Is Kennedy Dead? – Back And to the Future: The Eternal Return to

Dealey Plaza

Lecture/Demo at Other Cinema at ATA Gallery, San Francisco, with Molly Hankwitz (as Archimedia) INFORMATION

WARS on SAT. 9/14: A History Augmented Reality Headsets.

Coxblog –

Taught Game Design and Digital Media Innovation Precollege Program at CCA Oakland Campus..

This summer studio pre-college program focuses on interactive game design while simultaneously exposing

participants to the broader world of interaction design. Program was taught in 2013 also.

Taught at City College of San Francisco in Fall 2013, Spring 2014 and will teach Fall 2014

Spring 2014: GAME100 – Exploring Game Worlds – a course aimed at providing students with an overview of the

videogames industry, as well as a comprehensive set of game design skills aimed at developing an online portfolio.

Fall 2014: Game 130 – Game Production Workflow – Using Unreal Developer Kit (UDK) to plan and develop game

game levels

Teaching at San Francisco State University Design and Industry Department Spring and Fall 2014

Spring and Fall -DAI427 Digital Media 2 – Digital Media innovation class examining trends in Augmented Reality,

JavaScript and programmable interactive web and mobile device applications. Also explored: the interplay and

overlap between mapping, cities, the body, the self and identity.

Fall – DAI 356: A History of Design and Technology – A lecture class examining the history of design and technology

from the Arts and Crafts movement to the contemporary moment.

Spring – DAI 227 Rethinking DIgital Visual Media on the history and development of digital media


Employed as a SME (Subject Matter Expert on a course development for DeVry University online for MDD410:

Emerging Multimedia Technologies, with a focus on Augmented Reality, Games, Mapping, Cities.

Visiting Professor at DeVry University Online:

GMD-311-12842 Web Video Fund w/Lab – a course developed by David Cox that teaches the use of video for the


GSP-475-12898 Emerging Technologies – a course developed by David Cox that introduces the latest trends in

digital media and technological innovation, and provides students with an opportunity to explore projects that utilize

these technologies.

This course explores emerging and advanced topics in game and simulation technology. Students explore advances

in technology and their implications for design and development of games and simulations

Teaching part time at San Francisco State University, Design and Industry Department:

DAI 427 DIGITAL MEDIA 2 – An overview of recent developments in digital media innovation, including Augmented

Reality, blended worlds, screen design for wireless use and deployment, Javascript, games development, cities, self,


DAI 227 RETHINKING DIGITAL VISUAL MEDIA (Historical Lecture Class on history of digital visual media )

Personal Projects

Wearable Computing Research using embedded computers – Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard and Minnowboard with

range of head mounted displays.

Feature Film in Development – Dr Yes & the Mystery of the Mission

Original Operetta to be staged at Other Cinema (at ATA Gallery at 992 Valencia Street, San Francisco) November

2014 “Epic Fail: Cosmonauts on the Moon” multi-screen projection with live chamber orchestra music and singers.


Interview with Bruce Sterling about “The New Aesthetic” published in Alpine Review magazine “Antifragility” issue

ed: Patrick Tanguay

Interviews on my blog ‘Coxblog’ regarding new aesthetic: Geert Lovink, McKenzie Wark, Molly Hankwitz, Bruce

Sterling (reposted in

Taught p/t SFSU Design & Industry Department 2013


Summer – DAI 327 DIGITAL MEDIA 1



Taught online at DeVry University Online:

GMD451ON_A Cox Animation w/Lab

GMD371ON_A Cox Advanced Illustration w/ Lab

GMD341ON_A Cox Advanced Imaging w/Lab

GMD311ON_A Cox Web Video Fundamentals

Taught part time as an instructor City College of San Francisco:

Both Spring and Fall,

“Game 100: Exploring Game Worlds”

“Game 130: Videogame Production Workflow”

“Exploring Game Worlds” is a course I wrote which seek to introduce city college students to the history and culture of

videogames from the perspective of them being self-contained ‘worlds’. “Videogame Workflow” aims to develop skills

in the area of videogame level design using Unreal Development Kit. Both courses are part of a games certificate

program that is federally funded.

Short film “Time Ghost” screened at the San Francisco Cinemateque, October

Taught Summer Class at CCA Oakland Campus Graphics Program – Illustrator, In-Design, Photothop etc.

Wrote for OTAKU USA magazine.

My Book Sign Wars: The Culture Jammers Strike Back! published by LedaTape publications via the University of

Melbourne Bookstore

ISBN-10: 0980770157 and ISBN-13: 978-0980770155


Taught p/t SFSU Design Dept:

DAI 327: Design1




Part time instruction, CCSF, Storyboarding & Storytelling, Game 100, Game 130

Part time instruction DAI, SFSU, DAI327, DAI227

Short films shown at Fall season of Other Cinema – “TIme Ghost”

Film shown at SF Cinemateque “Time Ghost”


Taught at CCSF, SFSU, DeVry University in digital media related classes.

Taught GSP260 Visual and Audio Design Fundamentals with Lab for Videogames at DeVry University Online

between October and December

Taught part time as an instructor in “Computer Skills for Multimedia” and “Storyboarding and Storytelling” at City

College of San Francisco within the Interdisciplinary Studies Program.

Credited as voice talent on Craig Baldwin’s film “Mock Up on Mu” playing Alister Crowley. Listed in “Variety”

magazine, and IMDB

DeVry Online Digital Media Teaching and subject matter expert (SME) course development (marked with *)

GMD311ON_A Cox Web Video Fundamentals w/Lab FALA10 *

GMD371ON_A Cox Advanced Illustration w/ Lab FALA10 Sec A

GMD341ON_A Cox Advanced Imaging w/Lab SUMB10 Sec A *

GMD451ON_A Cox Animation w/Lab SUMB10 Sec A (Professor)

GMD311ON_A Cox Web Video Fundamentals with Lab SUMA10

GMD371ON_A Cox Advanced Illustration with Lab SUMA10

GMD341ON_A Cox Advanced Imaging w/Lab SPRB10

GSP260ON_A Cox Visual and Design Fundamentals with Lab


Taught at the Cartoon Art Museum students from Hunters Point Family interactive media and animation and video

editing skills toward the completion of two Public Service Announcements, one for Hunters Point Family and the other

for Peacekeepers. Skills taught – Flash, Final Cut Pro, Frame Thief, Photobooth, Audacity, iMovie.

Phd Candidate at University of Queensland, Australia, thesis examines the area of “Culture Jamming”.

Edited series of trailers for using Final Cut Pro.

2009 and 2007

Worked part time at City College of San Francisco, teaching computer skills for multimedia within the Interdisciplinary

Studies Program.

Taught part-time ” Videogames: A Hands-on History” at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, part of the San Francisco

State University Extension Program.


Adjunct Professor, full time at Cogswell Polytechnical College, Sunnyvale, CA, heading the Digital Motion Picture

program. Subjects taught: Video Editing, Script Writing, Motion Picture Directing, Production, Pre-Production

2004 – 2005

Lecturer, full time at QANTM college, Brisbane Australia, teaching animation and videogame design related courses


Lecturer, Level B full-time at Griffith Film School, Brisbane Australia, teaching digital screen production subjects to

undergraduate students – Digital Video Production, Introduction to Digital Media, Writing for the Web, Culture and

Society, Animation


Recieved Masters Degree from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia Centre for Animation and Interactive

Multimedia. . Researched examined Electronically Mediated Urban Space (Cities, Signage, Mapping etc)


Completed original short film and related videogame prototype: OTHERZONE made with grant money from Film

Victoria and the Australian Film Commission. Budget totalled AUD$240,000.

Invited as Visiting Scholar at the MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA. Worked with the Sociable Media Group under

Judith Donath for eight weeks on 3D virtual signage for augmented reality applications using wearable computers


Part time lectuer: “Textuality & Discourse: From Book to Film” at Swinburne University”, Melbourne, Australia


Videogame Producer at Beam Software International. Titles produced “Blades of Vengeance” for Sega Genesis

“WCW Superbrawl” for Super Nintendo and “Road Rash” conversion.


Attended Oberhausen Film Festival with my film Puppenhead.


Made short 16mm film Puppenhead as Graduate Film at Swinburne Film & Television School where I obtained my

Graduate Diploma in Applied Film & TV (Honours). Puppenhead won several awards in Australia (ATOM award, Most

Daring & Outrageous at Swinburne) and travelled to 14 international film festivals including New York (where it

opened the event), London, Annecy, Turin, Hong Kong, Seattle, Olympia.


Graduate with Bachelor of Education Degree from Deakin University (previously known as Rusden College,

Melbourne Australia ) Majors – Art & Technology, Media Studies, English as a Second Language


Completed High School Higher Certificate at Cheltenham High School, Melbourne, Australia.


Born Kingswinford, England UK. Lived in San Diego CA, for one year in 1969 & 1970 with parents

When a child. Lived in Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia between 1973 to 1999.

David Cox, B.Ed, Grad Dip, MA

PO Box 28

3288 21St

San Francisco 94110


Phone (415) 5506822

Cell (415) 4015227


Personal Web Site: